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Become a host family for a French student

Open your family to the world

Bring the French culture to your house

Share your culture and lifestyle with a teenager from France

In a nutshell

With La Route des langues USA host family program, American families share their daily life with a student from France. 

Guests are aged 13 to 18. They usually come from mid June to mid August (other periods are possible).

For those who are open to the world, keen to share their lifestyle and curious about other cultures, the program is a unique opportunity to give your family a global perspective.

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In a nutshll

A rewarding experience

Being a host family will change your guest's life forever! And yours too!

For the host family it is a unique opportunity to bring a slice of France to your house. Being a host family will open new perspectives to you and your children through a truly intercultural experience.

For a teenager from France sharing the daily life of an American family is a dream come true.  It is an occasion to improve their English while learning about the American culture and sharing their own.

In a nutshll

Flexible program: you decide who and when you will be hosting

Thanks to Guestbook, our state of the art match making platform, host families can share information about their profile and their requirements for hosting. 

On Guestbook you can tell your future guest who you are, where you live, what your hobbies are etc so that the student can apply to the best matching family. You can also share your availabilities. 

At the end of the process the host family decides to accept the student or not.

Leaders in the language immersion market

A premium brand of APEX EDUCATION GROUP, La Route des langues has +25 years of experience sending students from France abroad. We send more than 1500 students abroad every year.

We focus on EXCELLENCE & PERSONNALIZATION. Every experience is tailor-made for our students.

9 clients out of 10 have a good or very good opinion of our services.



A rewarding experience


Being a host family will change you guest's life forever! 

For a teenager from France, sharing the life of an American family is a dream come true. It is also a unique opportunity to improve their English and learn more about the American culture.

For the host family, it is like bringing a slice of France to your home! Being a host family will open new perspectives through a truly intercultural experience. 

Immersion programs abroad often lead to lifelong friendships.

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